Jcontrol - Parental Restriction Software for Video Games on Windows

How does it work?
In Windows, Vista, 7 and 8, it is possible to schedule programs to run at intervals. Jcontrol first of all downloads a tiny file from our website containing the restrictions you have set up, and then checks to see if any programs need closing.
What does it cost?
You can download a the basic version free, with no registration required. Furthermore, whilst we are in beta stage (early 2014), you can sign up for a free annual subscription for the first year. When you come to install it, select one of the preset options. If you want the ability to set your own schedules rather than our presets, it will cost about £30 per year to set up the schedules on the website. The pricing is subject to review depending on the support requirements and load on our servers.
How many computers can I use it on?
You can use it on as many computers as you like under the "IP address" that you registered with. In practise, this means all the PC's using one internet router in a typical family home. Furthermore, you can have 2 additional IP addresses, for example, if you have an internet dongle (they usually have a unique IP address) for a laptop.
What's this IP Address business
Your network ie your connection to the internet has a unique reference, like a telephone number. Jcontrol makes use of this to know how to update the time restrictions for your PC(s). Now, we need you to have a STATIC ip address. Some ISP's give you a static one and some gibe you a dynamic one, which changes each time your router connects to the internet. A dynamic address is no use - we need a static one if you are to use an online profile of time restrictions. If you are just installing the free version with the preset restrictions, it doesn't matter. Most ISP's will give you a static address if you ask, although for some there is a modest charge.
What if I don't have regular access to the internet?
The program will simply use the last schedule it had when you did have access to the web. If you use one of the presets you don't need any internet access at all.
How do I get started?
Try downloading it today for free and use one of the presets to restrict night-time access to games and internet apps.

What Presets are available?
When you install Jcontrol you can choose between:
  • No Presets. This is for registered users who access the scheduled restrictions they have set on within their account on the website.
  • Preset 1: "NightTime Only". No games or internet apps (eg Skype) at night between 9.30pm and 8.30am.
  • Preset 2:"Useful Time". As Preset 1 but with additional "Useful Time" of 2.5 hours from 5pm-7.30pm where distractions are not permitted.
  • Preset 3: "Work Sessions". Night-time ban as per Preset 1, plus 4 "Work Sessions": 10am-11.30am; 1pm-2.30pm; 3.30pm-5pm; and 6pm-7.30pm.

What if the Presets did not block one of my games?
We have put the main games ans Skype into the Presets: however, if you have found one we didn't think of simply let us know and we will immediately add it to the list and you will simply have to download the program again.