Jcontrol - Parental Restriction Software for Video Games on Windows

We have just started testing (Feb 2014), and you can open a free account for the year 2014 below.

Please be aware the the product is still in testing.

Open a new account for free

So you want to set up an account and specify the times programs you want blocked. Great!

You will need to be on the network that you want restricted ie in a home environment, accessing the internet through the home's router. And you will also need to have a static ip address. You may need to ask your ISP if your ip is indeed static and may need to pay a small surcharge to have a static one issued to you.

At the moment, whilst we are still beta testing, you may set up an years subscription for free, some time in 2014 there will be a small annual subscription for new subscribers.

Primary IP Address:Unlike with the free version, you need to have a STATIC IP ADDRESS to register for JControl. The IP address is used to identify your network for purposes of setting time restrictions. Your IP address may in fact be static, but if you are not sure you have a static address, check with your Internet Service Provider. Once registered, you can add further IP addresses. The box on the left contains your current IP address that we have detected.
Password:This can be changed once your account is set up
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